Samstag, 17. März 2012

Home made wild garlic pasta...

Taaaadaaaa... Here it first real post!

Today I have got some freshly collected wild garlic and I had to use it. So, I have made some wild garlic pasta. The recipe is pretty easy and can be adaptet very easy to any other ingredient.

Here's what you need:

300g flour
2 eggs
1 tea spoon salt
3 table spoons olive oil or 200g and 1 table spoon olive oil of what you like as flavor

In case you want to use the wild garlic (or basilic or herbs...) you have to boil it first for a bout a minute, than pour away the water and ass 1 table spoon olive oil. Then you have to puree the whole thing. After reaching the right texture (very smooth for a even dough or semi smooth, so you can see the leaves a bit) the puree can be added to the flour and every thing can be mixed with a kitchen machine or by hand (yeah, I'm lazy and I have used the machine...)
After mixing the dough has to rest for about an hour before it can be rolled and cut. The easiest way, is to do it with a pasta machine, so the dough can be rolled out until it is almost see through...
After cutting the pasta pieces (I prefer the tagliatella), it has to rest again for about half an hour, before it can be cooked. The cooking time is very short, about 2 minutes, but it depends on the doughs thickness.

Well, I wish you a bon appetit...



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